Family travel budget

Knowing how much money you can need for long term (or even short term) travel can be difficult to work out. Lots of the estimates available in travel guides are based on individual travellers, not families. This family travel budget covers the countries we have visited and gives a guide of what you can expect travelling in these countries.

Family travel budget – you spend what you have.

Most importantly what we have found is that you spend what you have. If you have a budget of $100 a day, you will spend close to that, but if your budget is closer to $200 per day you will easily find ways to spend the extra money.

Family travel budget – what we had

We had savings of around $12,000 before we left Australia. We also have a weekly income of about $800 AUD. Some of our flights, visas and accommodation had already been paid for before we left Australia, but we’ve included these costs into each country guide to give the full picture of how much long term travel costs.

Where we could, we tried to stick to the $800 we had in income to use our savings on special tours, flights and when we need it (like in Japan and Singapore)


The river in Hoi An Ancient Town

Vietnam Family Travel Budget

There is a lot to see and do in Vietnam and so many experiences on offer. From food, outdoors, shopping, hiking, wellness, luxury and cultural you can choose how you holiday in Vietnam. When we stayed in Vietnam we saved a bit of money by renting a house for a month which reduced our accommodation […]

The Cameron Highlands on our Family Travel Adventure

Malaysia Family Travel Budget

Malaysia is probably our favourite place to visit in Asia. We love the east coast – the beautiful beaches and islands. We’ve made so many great¬†friends in Malaysia that I can guarantee we will be back as soon as possible. 55 days in Malaysia We spent 55 wonderful days on the Malaysian peninsula. We started […]

Laos Family Travel Budget

Laos Family Travel Budget

Speaking with other travellers, the costs of travelling in Laos have increased dramatically over the last six years. We stayed in Luang Prabang, which you can do cheaply or spend quite a lot. There are lots of fantastic restaurants – however prices are only slightly less than what you could expect to pay in Australia. […]

Thailand family travel budget

Travelling on a budget in Thailand is definitely possible. Thailand is one of the cheaper countries we have travelled in. We visited Thailand during the six month of our nine month trip and didn’t do as many tours or sightseeing as we might have had we visited earlier on in our trip (we were a […]

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