Laos Family Travel Budget

Speaking with other travellers, the costs of travelling in Laos have increased dramatically over the last six years. We stayed in Luang Prabang, which you can do cheaply or spend quite a lot. There are lots of fantastic restaurants – however prices are only slightly less than what you could expect to pay in Australia.

14 days in Laos

We had planned to be in Laos for a month, but we needed to get to a hospital in Bangkok to have a nasty ear infection treated. We had also prepaid five days of our accommodation at Kiridara Resort – we spent a lot more than we would have had we booked it travelling.

In total we spent $2,278 AUD in 14 days in Luang Prabang (including flights from Vietnam). This works out to $162 AUD per day. The break down of our costs in Laos are as follows.

  • Visa $171 AUD
  • Accommodation $1,086 AUD
  • Transport $273 AUD
  • Food/groceries $546 AUD
  • Sightseeing $177 AUD
  • Miscellaneous $25 AUD

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