Thailand family travel budget

Travelling on a budget in Thailand is definitely possible. Thailand is one of the cheaper countries we have travelled in. We visited Thailand during the six month of our nine month trip and didn’t do as many tours or sightseeing as we might have had we visited earlier on in our trip (we were a bit sick of tours by this stage!).

29 Days in Thailand

We spent almost a month in Thailand and decided at times it was time to tighten the belt and look for a few more budget options. All up we spent $3,688.60 AUD for our family of four. This works out to about $127 AUD per day. This includes flights from Laos, tours, train travel etc. The break down of costs is below.

  • Visa $0 AUD
  • Accommodation $1,261 AUD
  • Food $1,099 AUD
  • Sightseeing and tours $289 AUD
  • Transport $1,012 AUD
  • Miscellaneous $27.60 AUD

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