Legoland, yes we did

Johor Barhu is well known for two main reasons – one, the gateway from Malaysia to Singapore and two, Legoland. You’ll be happy to know we did both.

We actually got to JB a little earlier than planned. Island living is fun, but towards the end of our stay at Tioman we were getting a bit worn out. Lincoln had worms, plus some sort of viral cold. I got infected mosquito bites and my leg started swelling up. The not so glamorous side of travel, right?

So it was nice to get to Johor Barhu. That was until none of the taxi drivers seemed prepared to take us from the bus stop to our hotel. We had a late night on Tioman the night before as a mother turtle came in to lay her eggs. It was well after 2am before we got to bed. So you can imagine, the four of us walking around a busy bus station, bags on back, it was about to start raining and none of the taxi drivers were interested in taking us to our hotel. ┬áThere is apparently some little trick (I still don’t know what this was) but we must’ve looked suitably pathetic as a local man helped us find a taxi that was prepared to take us to our hotel.

After giving the kids a good wash with hot water (neither of them like showering in the cold water offered on the Island) we dosed up on medicine and went to sleep. Lincoln woke up feeling much better, while I woke up with a more swollen leg (I didn’t think that was possible). Long story short, I started taking one of the many antibiotics I have in our giant first aid kit and my leg is fast improving.

It was nice being back in a city, where we were able to eat Italian food (the best I’ve had in Asia – amazing!) and find a supermarket with all sorts of heavenly delights like cheese, Tim-Tams, Vegemite, Cadbury’s and yoghurt.

Rested up and ready to go we then took on Legoland. Let me say at the outset, Legoland is an expensive day out. We got tickets (on sale) for both the waterpark and theme park which cost close to $200 AUD for the four of us. We haven’t spent $200 AUD in a day since we’ve been away! But, wow, was it worth it. We’ve been having some very profound and grown up experiences while we’ve been away, so it was so much fun to just be kids (all of us).

IMG_3282 IMG_3289

I sometimes think I still have ‘little kids’. No, my kids aren’t old enough to go on the water slide. No, my kids aren’t old enough to go on the roller coaster. Turns out that they are. For us, Legoland was a realisation that we’ve come out of the other side with ‘little kids’ and we’ve now got big kids, kids who travel, who aren’t afraid of watersides and who are over 110cm tall. We came, we saw, we Legolanded!

Travelling from JB to Singapore was an experience in itself. After spending hours googling and reading trip advisor forums, we lashed out and spent 200RM on a driver who picked us up and took us over the bridge to our apartment. There seem to be quite a few complexities with crossing the bridge in taxis and on the bus. Our driver Heng explained during peak hour, many JB residents cross the bridge to work in Singapore, the trip for them can take two and a half hours (each way!). For us it was still a slightly lengthy one hour trip door to door. Heng had a supply of arrival cards and was the man when it came to boarder crossings, we couldn’t have had a smoother trip.

And so we arrived in Singapore, ready to drink water from the tap and meet up with family!

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